duck and pinot noir

A match made in heaven

WINE: Stonier Pinot Noir
WITH: Pan fried duck breast
WHY: Read the title again

There are some food and wine pairings where there is no point trying to second guess them; they were just written.

Duck and Pinot Noir is one of those.

But you’re not reading this blog to listen to me wax lyrical, so here are three reasons why I think they work so well together:

  1. Duck is a fatty meat and pinot noir has good acidity therefore it helps to cut through the fat.
  2. The flavours complement each other – pinot noir (especially with a little age) can be quite gamey in flavour. Plus duck is often served with spices and pinot noir (especially if oak aged) can have quite a spicy flavour profile as well.
  3. They both have a similar depth. They are rich and intense so pair well together on this level too.

The duck was a pan fried breast which I served with an orange sauce (I’m so retro, I know). Dauphinoise, red cabbage and green beans were served on the side to round off a great combination.

If you haven’t tried it yet, then what are you waiting for?

4 thoughts on “A match made in heaven

  1. I concur, I have often wrote about my passion for duck, and I agree that a fine Pinot Noir is an excellent pairing for dinner. I am just sorry that I must have missed the invitation for dinner.
    – John

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