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A is for Acidity

To kick this thing off I’m going to do a little bit of simplifying. For a lot of people wine is a really confusing subject and can be quite intimidating. So first up you know all those confusing wine terms people (see WINE BORES) come out with? We’re going to get to the bottom of them – in layman’s terms.

A is for Acidity

Highly acidic wine. Would you want to drink it? Of course not, it doesn’t sound particularly appetizing. The word acidity has really negative connotations, automatically you’re conjuring up images of lemon juice, vinegar, perhaps even hydrochloric acid. None of which (I would hope!) you’d particularly want to drink.

The thing is acidity is a really important component of wine, but it can sounds pretty scary. Acidity is what makes your mouth water and most importantly of all it is what makes wine taste refreshing.

Of course, part of being a pretentious win-o is that you are not likely to necessarily mention the term acidity itself. Instead words such as mouth-watering, tangy, refreshing, zesty, citrusy, crisp, fresh and zingy are used.

Whenever you see these words, then you know what they’re actually referring to is the acidity in the wine – and that it has a fair bit of it.

Another thing about acidity is that it’s useful to consider this when you’re thinking about pairing food with wine. More on that to come in principles of food and wine pairing.

Here are some examples of popular grape varieties and wine styles that are known for their high acidity levels:

Sauvignon Blanc
Sancerre/Pouilly Fume
Chenin Blanc
Most Italian wines (both red and white)

Over the next couple of weeks you’ll see more of the A to Z appear. If you want to stay turned in, just type your email address in the ‘follow’ box, top left.

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