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Sampling Spring

The British asparagus season is so short, it is something that needs to be celebrated almost daily during its narrow window.

There are so many different ways of cooking it, or incorporating it into meals, but personally I find the simplest ways are the best.

This great way of enjoying asparagus at its best, is so simple it doesn’t even need a recipe. Just wrap some parma ham around asparagus tips, drizzle in extra virgin olive oil, and grill for around 5 minutes. Truly delicious.

What better accompaniment for this tasty snack or starter than a glass of wine?

The dilemma is – which one?

Asparagus is notoriously difficult to match with wine, due to both its very green flavours and high umami content, it just is not very forgiving when it comes to complementing what’s in your glass.

Sauvignon Blanc, with its equally green herbaceous flavours, seems to always do the trick though.

Which Sauvignon though? With a grape variety that has become so prolific all over the world, you really have your pick of styles available at various different price points.

The obvious choices would be a Marlborough Sauvignon, or perhaps a Sancerre or Pouily Fume. However, there is one particular wine which is hugely underrated and just as noteworthy; Bordeaux Blanc.

Known, of course, for its famous reds, Bordeaux produces some spectacular dry whites from predominantly Sauvignon Blanc.

My example is the Calvet Reserve, Bordeaux (£8.99, Waitrose). It worked really well with the green spears, and the salty parma ham brought out the tart gooseberry and passion fruit flavours in the wine. The perfect combination for a springtime evening.

Calvet Reserve Bordeaux Waitrose

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  1. I have a love/hate relationship with asparagus–I love it when made well, but can’t stand it when it is over or under cooked. Just barely limp–that’s the key for me. Would love to see you back in the Wine Writing Challenge! “Epiphany” this month!

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