Grape date

GRAPE DATE: All hail the king

It’s time for the next grape date. Today we’re being graced by the presence of royalty…



cabernet sauvignonPersonal profile:

All hail the king! I am the ruler of all grapes; the George Clooney of the grape world if you will. I am rich, I smell delicious and I’m royalty. You want more? Well, I have a broad, muscular physique; allowing me to age as well as the best of them. Often a dash of me is used to spruce up other lacklustre grapes. Plus, I make appearances in many favourites such as Chateau Lafite, Chateau Latour and Chateau Margaux. I might be a bit of a show off, but its all part of my boyish charm.


Name: King Cabernet Sauvignon.

Nicknames: The Brits like to call me Claret.

Age: I’m noble, but not as old as some.

Country of Origin: France

Location(s):  I excel all over, however I’m intimately acquainted with Bordeaux in particular. I spend quite a bit of time in Australia and California too.

Likes: Sunbathing, warm weather and travel

Dislikes:  Too much rain, and getting my feet wet

Body type: I have a great body

Pedigree: I’m well bred, and come from great stock. My parents are the aristocracy of the Loire: Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Franc.

Smoking: I am very partial to a cigar. Oak and I make great bedfellows.

Drinking: Generally I am better enjoyed with food.


I can be a real dark horse with my black fruit flavours, especially blackcurrant. Please never refer to it as Ribena though, I much prefer the term ‘cassis’. I can also have a green edge, sometimes like green bell pepper or even mint and eucalyptus. With time I even begin to smell expensive…  Imagine a gentleman’s study and you’ll get the picture; cigar box, leather, cedar wood and spice.

Similar to: Cabernet Franc, but dad swears I got my mother’s charm and approachability.


I’m a regular on the dating circuit. Like I said – everyone wants a piece of me – so I’m paired up a lot. Merlot and I work particularly well together, but the more of me there is, generally the better the end result. Food-wise you cannot beat a big juicy steak, or a hearty pot of cassoulet.

Met your match?

If you’re ready to take this suave grape for a spin then here’s where you can make a start:

Casillero Del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon, Chile. £7.99. available from most supermarkets.

Hamilton Block Cabernet Sauvignon, Coonawarra, Australia. £12.99, Majestic.

First Press Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa, California. £17.99, Waitrose.

Old school
Chateau Villa Bel Air, Bordeaux, France. £13.65, Berry Bros & Rudd