wine sandwich

Plain cheese or fully loaded?

Complexity refers to the layers of flavour that a wine has. The more layers, then the more complexity.

It’s like sandwiches – you can get something simple like a cheese sandwich. The wine equivalent of this would be something like a bog-standard Pinot Grigio.


Something with lots of layers of flavour.  A Savennieres, for instance, would be like the chicken & bacon club of the wine world.

Very simply: a wine with tonnes of complexity will smell/taste like something different every time you go back to it.

And the complexity of a wine is a great indicator of quality. More complexity = better wine.

Remember though that quality is not necessarily anything to do with personal preference. A wine can be well made – but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to like it! It’s all subjective.

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5 thoughts on “Plain cheese or fully loaded?

  1. Well put! Now I know why I never liked Pinot Grigio…I got expensive taste! More taste and complexity is my choice :)

    • Exactly. Mass-market Pinot Grigio is the equivalent of alcoholic water – really inoffensive but with no real substance. Like you, most people who enjoy wine like their wine to taste of something!

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