coq au vin wine pairing

The best kind of stew

If you need inspiration of what to cook this weekend, then look no further.

Cold, dark nights need warm, comfort foods and this coq au vin fits the bill perfectly.

Traditionally made using a rooster, this robust French classic, involves the slow-cooking of chicken legs in red wine, along with bacon lardons, onions and button mushrooms. Deliciously rich and indulgent, I wanted a wine with equal standings.

Coq au vin

Unsurprisingly, a dish cooked in red wine really needs another red alongside it.  

Red Burgundy was my wine of choice, and while a Gevery Chambertin or a Nuits Saints Georges were the more obvious choices, I love to back an underdog, so we went with an Aloxe Corton instead.

The earthy, mushroom flavours of the wine reflected those of the dish, while the red fruit and spice acted as perfect accents to the meal. While this particular wine wasn’t the best example of red Burgundy I’ve drunk, with the food it came to life and became far more drinkable.

If you don’t feel like splashing the cash this weekend, then a simple Cote du Rhone Villages such as the Morrison’s Signature (£5.99) would be a great alternative.

Although the coq au vin takes a while to cook, it requires minimal effort, and you’re rewarded for hours on end with a delicious smelling pot bubbling away on the stove…

I used the BBC Good Food recipe. Enjoy!