Foie gras wine pairing

A very French Christmas

WINE: Chateau de Levant, Sauternes, France
WITH: Foie gras pate
WHY: It’s the classic foie gras wine pairing

If you’re looking for a starter for your Christmas dinner then look no further than Foie gras and Sauternes. It is one of the world’s classic food and wine pairings, and for the French it is a traditional element of their festive celebrations.

As it’s quite decadent it’s not one of those that you eat regularly, but as it’s the festive season a.k.a. the season to spoil yourself and stuff your face then I figured why not?

I delved into the depths of the fridge and dusted off my foie gras paté from my most recent visit across the channel. Slathered over some French bread, and paired with Sauternes it’s unbelievably good.

Why does this combination work so well?

Mainly, because it works on so many levels… Good food and wine pairing is all about balance, and of course, there are other foie gras wine pairings that would work, but these two really are the perfect marriage.

Not only does the high acidity of the Sauternes help to cut through the fatty liver, but as one of the world’s most famous and revered dessert wines, Sauternes’ sweetness works well with the sweet accompaniments that are often served with foie gras. In my case it was a little fig paste that came pre-packaged with my foie.

You can pretty much find Sauternes in all supermarkets nowadays, but you could substitute it with a Tokaji or any New World botrytis semillon instead if you wanted.

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!