marlborugh sauvignon

Get stuffed

stuffed chicken

WINE: Crux Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough NZ
WITH: Stuffed chicken breast with chargrilled new season asparagus
WHY? It’s the only bloody thing that works!

Finally, it’s here! British asparagus season is rolling in almost a month late and I managed to get my mitts on a bunch at Borough Market.

british asparagus

I love asparagus, but it’s a tricky little character to pair with wine. I’ve found a combination which works well for me though, and luckily it’s not in short supply in the UK market. It is: Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.

The one I had to hand was Crux Sauvignon Blanc (RRP£10.99, Morrisons) which has really ripe aromas of tropical fruit, and also a hint of asparagus itself. On the palate it is light and zesty with flavours of green apple, grapefruit and passion fruit.

The fruitiness of the wine seems to balance out the strong umami quality of the asparagus. It also works well with the saltiness from the stuffed chicken. Mmmm. I could eat this all over again.

Have you got a wine that you’ve found works well with asparagus? I’d love to hear your suggestions because otherwise for the next couple of weeks I’ll be limited to Savvy B!

Now it’s time to dash out to make the last of the sunshine whilst listening to this fab bank holiday track:

Stuffed chicken breasts

Recipe available from BBC Good Food

Asparagus simply chargrilled with a dash of olive oil. Feel free to shave some Parmesan over it and douse in balsamic too.

marlborugh sauvignon


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