GRAPE DATE: The fatty

Are you ready for the latest Grape Date? This is one saucy grape that so many have fallen for in recent times…



 Have you heard of me before? Maybe not, but I’m the alluring mistress you have been waiting to meet. I’m quite provocative and I’ll be honest most that meet me fall head over heels in love with me so you’ve been warned… I am soft, with a floral and sweet perfume reminiscent of honeysuckle. The word that is often used to describe a certain part of me is peachy, so if that’s not enough to convince you then I’m really not sure what is.  


Name: Vigonier

Nicknames: My stage name is Condrieu



Age: Enjoy me young, I won’t age gracefully.

Country of Origin: France via Croatia

Location:  Condrieu is my stomping ground, but otherwise I’m drawn to the heat of California and Australia.

Likes: Spicy foods, those who can pronounce my name properly – it’s Vee-yon-yay, as well as getting up close and personal with Syrah. In a co-fermenting sense, of course.

Dislikes:  Mould, mould, mould.

Body type: I’m quite full bodied. On some occasions one might even say fat.

Children: None

Smoking: The odd occasion might call for it, but generally I’d rather avoid it.

Drinking: With me the term ‘alcoholic’ is thrown around quite a bit… 

I’m peaches and cream. Full of heady floral scents, ripe stone fruits and dark, enveloping honey. Sometimes because I’m laced with honey people seem to think I have a little more sweetness to offer, but I’m actually dry.

Similar to: I can often have Chardonnay’s figure, and a scent that’s similar to Albarino, Torrontes or Muscat

Pairing: I love pairing up with my mates Marsanne and Roussane from back home. But I can really be enjoyed alone too. Spicy food and I make great bedfellows as shown in this recipe and here too. I’m also very flexible with a cheeseboard.

Met your match?
You’re in luck, as I enjoy company and don’t charge too much unless you ask after my stage name…


Clay Station Viognier, California, USA. (£9.99, All About Wine)


E. Guigal Condrieu, France (£34.00, Majestic)

Paired up with friends

Tesco Finest*, Block 13, Viognier Marsanne Rousanne, Australia (£8.99)