There are many perks to my job, but my favourites are the ones that involve food and wine together.When I was invited to a night at Chisou, a Japanese restaurant in Knightsbridge, to try out some combinations of their dishes with English sparkling wine producer, Nyetimber, I didn’t need asking twice.

So last Monday night I navigated my way through the backstreets of Knightsbridge and found Chisou. Nestled just a couple of streets away from Harrods, this place is small but perfectly formed. If you’re imagining Nobu-esque cuisine then think again, as at Chisou the food is much more traditionally Japanese.

Their partner in pairing for the night was Nyetimber, an English sparkling wine producer. I know what you’re thinking, but yes we do produce wine in the UK, and it can be damn fine too as Nyetimber illustrated.  Founded back in 1986 on the chalky soils of Sussex they had the belief that our little island had the potential to make sparkling wines good enough to rival those of Champagne. They were right.


I have only really been exposed to their NV Brut in the past, but getting the taste through the whole range was a treat. The Blanc de Blancs is sublime, and judging by the murmurs of appreciation around our table, it went down well for my fellow diners (Bar Chick) too.

The idea to put their wines with Japanese food sounds a little unusual, but as soon as you think of Japanese cuisine with it’s simple, fresh and clean flavours then you can start to see how a very refreshing bubbly might pair up well. Incredibly well in reality.

Here were our courses:


The best in my opinion (perhaps because I was influenced by the deliciousness of the wine itself) was the scallop carpaccio. But all dishes were delicious in their simplicity, and each wine was finely balanced to compliment the food.

If ever you find yourself at a loose end in Knightsbridge, or you fancy a special treat then I would definitely recommend this place and certainly a bottle or two of Nyetimber to share.