Patty Bun

The best burger in London Town

For a while now I have been on a mission to find London’s best burger. On my quest I have found many a good burger, and some surprisingly disappointing examples too.

What constitutes as a good burger in my eyes?

A good bun – preferably brioche – not so soft that it falls apart as you eat the burger, but not too dry either.

A medium rare-patty. Any more cooking is sacrilege.

Good, tasty fillings.

Some of the contenders were Honest Burgers (but only the Brixton branch has impressed me so far) and Lucky Chip are up there too.patty bun burger

Which burger joint came out victorious? For me the aptly and rather simply named Patty & Bun (P&B) was the winner. It was a close call though. Located just around the corner from Bond Street station, it often has a large queue spilling out of the door and down the street too.

 smokey robinson burger

What makes it so special? As a mayo addict I loved their Smokey Robinson burger – topped with caramelised onions, and their special smokey mayonnaise, there was no going back: I was a goner.

patty burger

Wine wise what is the best match for this beastly dish? Malbec, in my opinion, has enough gusto to work with the meat, but enough fruitiness to balance everything else out. Anything from the New World comes a close second place… anything Old World with a burger just seems plain wrong.

What are your best burger joints & wine pairings?

Patty and Bun, 54 James St, London W1U 1EU

P.S. If you’re someone who likes plates, and reservations then this is not the joint for you.

8 thoughts on “The best burger in London Town

  1. That looks heavenly! I love a good burger as well. I’m not really a Malbec fan but I’ve been told I need to pay for a good one and see if that changes my mind. So I’m on the lookout for one.

    Your post also made me think of this clip from How I Met Your Mother:

    • Hahaha I don’t normally like HIMYM but that was actually pretty funny!

      There are two malbecs I would recommend – one is the Argento Malbec which is quite easy-drinking, or if you’re looking for something with a bit more wow then Catena (especially the alta if you’re prepared to splash out) never fails to impress.

      It could just be that Malbec is not your grape!

  2. Wow! That burger looks amazing. Must go to P&B’s some time.

    Malbec’s a good shout for burgers but, for me, it’s got to be Aussie Shiraz.

  3. Thanks for passing by my un-paid crazy blog. This is an interesting blog, I read your ABOUT page, you do have a pretty cool job. I saw some documentary about wine tasters some time ago. It actually surprised me that they didn´t drink the hole glass,(I would) you have to have a good eye, good nose, good sense of taste, know all the types of wines, e.t.c. I go to England once a year, or at least try too, stay near Waterloo station. So when I go I now have some nice references to go to. And I consider myself a pretty fair cook, but the dishe´s I´ve seen here I´ll have to take note on them. This burger….my mouth is starting to drool.

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