GRAPE DATE: The Matador

Here’s the latest (and long overdue!) GRAPE DATE:


malbec grapesPersonal Profile:

Hiding beneath a costume of embellishment, I’m the matador. I’m here to steal the show, and I’ve been doing a fine job so far. Charming to my core, I’m on a campaign to convert anyone who doesn’t love me yet that I’m really the one for you. I’m smooth and mellow so you can enjoy me on a daily basis, yet I’m also robust enough that I can stand up to any decent piece of meat. Why not let me spice up your life?


Name: Malbec

Nicknames: In France, I’m often known as Cot.


Age: Is just a number

Country of Origin: Bordeaux, France

Location:  The Andes are the place for me.

Like: Sun, sun, sun.

Dislike:  Any sort of bad weather, especially hail.

Body type: I’m very well built and muscular.

Children: None.

Smoking: I am quite partial…

Drinking: I’m so easy-drinking that you’ll never tired of me

I’ve been described as being Christmas in a glass.  I’m full to the brim of spices from sweet vanilla, to warming cinnamon and hot black peppercorns. Dark, soft fruit flavours like plum, blackberry, cherry and blueberry contribute to my softer side. I’m a real crowd pleaser.

Similar to: Merlot

Pairing: You can happily drink me alone, but I’m very comfortable alongside a big hunk of meat too.

Met your match?
You’re in luck, as I have something to suit every price point and palate.

Argento Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina (£9.99, Majestic)

Needs meat
La Patrie Malbec, Cahors, France (£9, Sainsbury’s)

The finest of examples

Catena Alta Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina (£28, Majestic)