pinot grigio

GRAPE DATE: The grey one

Pinot Grigio

pinot grigio

I’m A-list. I’m a star. I’m as adored as Marilyn Monroe. Which is a little surprisingly really, because if I were a colour then I’d definitely fit squarely into the beige bracket. I’m boring and safe, but I guess that’s all part of my appeal. For many I’m seen as easy-drinking, simple and unchallenging. I’m usually a pretty cheap date too, so that may add a certain appeal.



Name: Pinot Grigio

Nicknames: Pinot


Age: Fresh as a daisy

Country of Origin: Northern Italy

Location:  Veneto, North east Italy

Like: Early harvests and winemakers who treat me well

Dislike:  The fact that I’m so boring (seriously, why not just shoot me now?)

Body type: Lean

Smoking: Never

Drinking: I’m what they call a ‘session’ wine


Dry, light and refreshing. Like the colour I was named after (grigio means grey in Italian), I’m rarely very interesting. I’m filled with totally predictable flavours of green apple and lemon. If you were to look up generic white wine in the dictionary then there’d be a photo of me next to the entry. Sometimes if you pay a little more care and attention to me, then you can lure out some flavours that are slightly more interesting. Maybe the odd hint of yeast, wet slate or almond.

Similar to: Generic white wine

Pairing: I’m pretty independent. I’m in my element when I’m alone

Met your match?
If Pinot Grigio’s easy-drinking nature is for you, then please, I beg you, leave the £5 bottles on the shelf and try out something a bit more exciting. To get the most out of the grape variety, you do have to spend a little bit more. Here are some less mainstream options that might be of interest to you:

Marjan Simcic Pinot Grigio, Slovenia (£13.05, Bottle Apostle)

Stella Alpina Pinot Grigio, Alto Adige, Italy (£11.99, Majestic)

Wairau Cove Pinot Grigio, Gisborne, New Zealand (£10.99, Tesco)

(Although if you’re after wine with real flavour then perhaps look elsewhere such as here, here and here.)