julia bailey wine publsihed

Back in the game

I have some rather exciting news that I’d like to share with you all.

When I began this blog back in April I had a single, rather daunting goal: to get back in print.

I’d been out of the game for far too long, my writing felt rusty, but I wanted back in. Seven years of wine knowledge gained, I definitely felt ready to spill my fact-overloaded brain onto the page again.

Luckily I got back into the swing of writing pretty quickly, and once I began I saw a piece in everything, and everywhere, I went. You never do lose that journalistic instinct!

Oh yes, you’ve guessed correctly. All of you loyal readers were my lovely guinea pigs, whilst I found my style again and spent a lot of time testing out how to put all of my wine knowledge into meaningful, and unpretentious, language.

I am happy to say this has all culminated in not only a unique website which gives me great joy to write for, but also being published.

My article is featured in this December’s etc magazine.

julia bailey wine

It’s very encouraging to know that not only do all of my readers enjoy my posts (thank you!) but that my writing is also appreciated outside of the blogosphere.

If you want to have a read then it’s available online here (pg 162 & 163).

Hopefully there’s much more to come…