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GRAPE DATE: Riesling

For the next foray into Grape Dates we’re heading over to the white side, and focusing our attention on a grape which doesn’t have the best rep in the UK. Let’s see if it can lure you in with its charms…



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Personal profile:

I’m so misunderstood! Everyone thinks I’m really sweet, but actually I can be lean, racy and even bubbly if you just give me a chance. My great bone structure helps me to age elegantly. Plus I have hidden depths that many never get the opportunity to experience. Don’t you want to peel back the layers and find the real me?



Name: Riesling

Age: A lady never tells. But I will let you in on a secret – I age very well

Country of Origin: Germany

Location(s):  Deutschland, Austria, Alsace and I quite like it down under too.  

Likes: Cool climates and my very close friend; Botrytis

Dislikes:  People who can’t say my name right (it’s Ree-sling, not Rye-sling) and those who make sweeping assumptions about me.

Body type: My weight does tend to yoyo around quite a bit. Sometimes I can be quite lean and sometimes I’m more voluptuous. But I’m never, ever fat.

Children: I am seen as a mother to many fellow German varieties.

Smoking: Oak and I do not get along. I do often have a smoky edge kind of like gunflint though.

Drinking: Well it depends on my mood, sometimes I’m great alone but I really come into my element when you pair me with food.


I’m very refreshing, and versatile too. I can be full of fresh flavours like lime, green apple and honeysuckle when I’m young. With age I just keep on improving, developing riper fruit flavours such as stone fruit, as well as honey and often quite a distinctive petrol note. Please, don’t let that put you off – I can be really delicious.

Similar to: Sometimes people can confuse me with Chenin Blanc, but I think I’m pretty distinctive.


You can mix me with other grapes, but really I am outstanding enough to be worshipped alone. I am great with food, and pair well with anything from seafood (especially if I’m wearing my Australian colours) otherwise if I’m in a German mood then I find that Asian flavours suit me just right.

Met your match?

Riesling can suit a variety of tastes – the question is how sweet do you like yours?

Tim Adams Clare Valley Riesling, Australia, £10.79, Tesco

A touch of sweetness
Dr Loosen Riesling, Germany, £7.49, Sainsburys

Super sweet
Tamar Ridge Botrytis Riesling, Austria, £13.99, Waitrose

Josef Chromy Pepik Sparkling Sekt, Australia, £19.90, Grays and Feather


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  1. I love your style of describing it and it matches me perfectly :) I may have mentioned it before, but hey-ho, cannot praise it enough!! 😀

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