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Sun, sea and rosé

Cap D'Ail

Wow! What a whirlwind last month this has been. I feel like I have been doing a tour of Europe. First up was Italy, closely followed by a trip to the south of France and even more closely followed by jetting off to Spain.

For the next month though my feet will be firmly planted on UK soil (and what a lovely place it is to be at the moment). This means, I can finally start to write up the back log of blog entries that have been building up.  My phone memory card will certainly be pleased to have some space cleared up that is for sure!

So first up was a girls weekend to the south of France.

We headed to Nice for a long weekend in the sun. Our aim? Drink lots of rosé on the beach, and then eat ourselves silly in the evening. We certainly achieved both of those goals.

Why Rosé? Contrary to popular belief it is not because we are female and are attracted to anything with a pinkish hue, but because rosé is the drink of the south of France. In all seriousness, the way to pick out most tourists in Nice is to spot who isn’t drinking rosé, because during the summer months it is the only wine that locals drink.

Côte de Provence rosé is easily recognisable through its colour – if it’s pale, salmon pink and you’re onto a winner. The style is crisp, refreshing and most importantly bone dry. This is not one for the Zinfandel Rose crowd that’s for sure.

We had a great example from Chateau Bellet which actually has vineyards within Nice, and many others which although less memorable were still delicious.

What food did we pair with our pink drink? Well quite frankly anything goes with rosé – it is a really versatile food wine. At Plage Mala for lunch we ended up ordering sea bass with a mango, strawberry and basil salsa and lobster rolls. Both of which were great matches for the delicate, dry rose.



For supper we headed to one of my favourite restaurants, Comptoir du Marche.

heirloom tomatoes


We had a huge selection of starters to share, and then a variety of mains from duck breast, to cod loin in a truffle foam and pig cheeks with creamy polenta.




The result was clear: rosé works with everything.


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