The Last Supper


Slightly melodramatic a title I will concede, however at the moment my life is very seriously split into pre-exam and post-exam. And whilst technically this is a white lie as it is not actually the final meal before my exam, it’s certainly the last blog-worthy meal I will eat before I sit down for 6 hours of hell and hand-cramp tomorrow.

So what is it? Sweet, juicy scallops, salty smoky chorizo and a minted pea puree. A really classic flavour combination, as I’m sure you’ll agree if you’ve had the pleasure of it before. Scallops are one of the magic members of the seafood family that have been known to convert a seafood hater. I personally prefer this recipe with razor clams, but they’re super fiddly and time-consuming to prepare, so scallops are perfect for a no fuss supper.

The wine paired with it was a Viognier, an increasingly fashionable grape variety. Its spiritual home is up in the Northern Rhone in a little appellation called Condrieu. These wines can reach astronomically high prices for white wines, so I decided to search a little further a field for my Viognier.

I settled in Lodi, California with the Clay Station Viognier. Seriously, if you ever wanted to know what a Viognier should taste like then this example is simply textbook. Dry, but with aromas of orange blossom, flavours of ripe peaches and apricots, and a rich, creamy texture. It has been described like drinking liquid honey.

This aromatic and peachy quality that the Viognier brings, helps to add an extra dimension of flavour to the dish and really balances well with the other ingredients making it a perfect match. If you want to give this a try, any new world Viognier should do.


Scallops and pea puree – recipe here. I pretty much made this and then added some crispy chorizo too.

6 thoughts on “The Last Supper

  1. My most favourite wine Viognier.! And now I have recipe to marry it with :) Will give it a try and let you know. Although not sure about pea puree before exams! fart-fart :D

  2. Good choice for a last supper! Good luck with the exam! Reminds me of when I took the ISA exam: so many hours of study went into it! But then you feel better when it is done.

    • Ahh well you are lucky as I cannot get my hands on any from either of those places. Cali Viogniers are amongst some of the best, but they can be very unreliable and overpriced too. It’s a bit hit and miss!

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