Ponga National Park


Today’s entry is entitled #throwbackthursday for a reason. Many moons ago, back in the summer heat of mid-July I visited the breathtakingly beautiful region of Asturias on Spain’s north coast.

It’s one of those gloriously, untouched parts of Spain and often we felt like we were the only tourists there. The beaches were vast and empty, the mountains majestic and the food and drink was sublime.

We stayed in a hotel that I really cannot recommend enough. The hospitality we were shown is second to none, and the tasting menus we ate there were brilliant. It was also ridiculously affordable for what we received.

Unusually for a wino, I was visiting an area where wine isn’t produced. Indeed here in Asturias they are famed for their cider, and our trip happened to coincide with the Nava Cider festival. Grab a green neckerchief and a glass, and (for free!) you get to drink unlimited amounts of cider until it literally runs out.

Here’s a selection of some of my favourite memories from the trip…