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For a long time the wine trade has been renowned for being very entrenched in tradition and resistant to change.

But now as innovation is everywhere, wine is definitely not the exception to the rule. There have been developments in the vineyard and the winery, but the biggest growing area of wine innovation is that which is associated with the consumer.

Consumers love gadgets, so it was inevitable that new technology would begin to creep into existence to fill a growing void.

Here are a few of the latest wine innovations that we are seeing on the market:

Mini MoetVending Wines

Vending machines are long known for distributing fizzy pop, but this machine which sits pride of place in Selfridges distributes fizz of another type altogether. The first of its kind, this Champagne vending machine was designed closely with Moët & Chandon and has a golden arm to gently deliver a miniature, crystal encrusted bottle to you.  Part of the department stores ‘Christmas Emporium’ it will quench the thirst of shoppers throughout the festive season. (£17.99, Selfridges)


A rather technical name for something which is rather ingenious. This nifty little machine inserts a small hollow needle through the cork of your sealed bottle and draws the wine off. It then pumps in argon to keep the wine preserved.

From a design point of view it’s an ingenious invention, practically it has its uses too. If you have a cellar full of expensive wines that you want to know whether they’ve reached their peak then Coravin will give you the chance to do this, without any determination of the wine it claims. Or if you wanted to you could share a bottle of fine and rare wine with many friends over many years.

Currently it’s only available in the US market, priced at $299. For a video on how it works click here

What are your thoughts on these recent wine innovations?