I solemnly swear to not act like a wine wanker

Define: Wine wanker n. slang A pretentious individual who shows off their wine knowledge (regardless of how much they actually know) and talks at length about the very expensive and exclusive wines they have recently tasted. Uses both of these activities to undermine others.

Note: the term ‘wine bore’ can be used interchangeably here. A wine bore just doesn’t realise that no one cares.

I promise not to bang on about that time I tasted blah, blah and blah. If I ever venture down the road of wankerdome then please cyber kick me.

What can you expect from this blog? Food. Wine. Often together. Plus the odd recipe.

My aim is to make wine accessible, so as often as possible I’ll try to make sure wines are either widely available, or list suitable alternatives.

C’est tout!

7 thoughts on “I solemnly swear to not act like a wine wanker

  1. Your blog is amazing, perfect for all those of us who want to enjoy wine more but don’t want to wade through pages of expert advice that rambles more than helps (all-too-common on the web and on paper). I’ll be favouriting this link to refer to often!

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